Bilhetes para Juventus Programa de jogos 2017-18

Aqui pode ver o programa de partida desta temporada da Juventus, no Estádio Olímpico de Turim. Nós vendemos bilhetes para todos abaixo partidas na Serie A, A Copa da Itália e Liga dos Campeões com a Juventus. Clique em "LEIA MAIS" para obter mais informações sobre o jogo, ou clique em "RESERVAR" se gostaria de reservar bilhetes para o jogo com a Juventus no Estádio Olímpico de Turim. Read more on Juventus here

Juventus FC, ​​La Vecchia Signora (‘The Old Lady’), were founded in 1897 in Turin by students at the Massimo D’Azeglio lyceum. For the first few years, they played in pink / black shirts, but then switched to the iconic black and white stripes, inspired by the British club Notts County.

Juventus is Italy's most successful club, and in season 2013/14 they won their 30th league title, earning the honor of showing three stars on their merchandise, one for each ten league titles. Following yet another league title last season, Juventus can now count 33, even though if you ask any juventino how many league titles the Bianconeri have won, you will get a different answer: 35. This because Juventus has indeed won 35 titles over the years, but was stripped of 2 titles (the ones from 2004/05 and 2005/06) as a consequence of the Calciopoli scandal.
Five teams were involved in the scandal in 2006 (Milan, Fiorentina, Reggina, Lazio, and Juventus), and Inter was found to be involved in the following years. Four teams had to start the following season with points deductions, and Juventus was also relegated to the Serie B.

When Juventus finally came back to the prime of Italian football, the Milan clubs had grown bigger and stronger and had way more money than “The Old Lady”. Juventus had to fight on, overshadowed by other teams, but not spending precious energies in European games and tours around the world. After several dark years, an Agnelli family member got back to lead the club, and the fortunes of the Bianconeri changed. After that, Juventus has won a staggering 7 titles in a row, and played 2 Champions League finals in 3 years (both lost).

The most important factor of all in this new, proud Juventus era has been the ability to scout young players, and revive old ones. Securing the likes of Barzagli, Pirlo, Evra, Dani Alves, and Pogba for free, and spending pennies on the dollar to buy Vidal and Tévez has been the best start to an epic rebirth. Selling Pogba back to United for a record-breaking 105 million euros helped building the team as we know it today, with Dybala, Higuaín, Mandzukic, and Douglas Costa among others.

Juventus have played at three different venues in the 2000s. Stadio Delle Alpi was about to be demolished and, while still waiting for their new stadium to be completed, they played their matches at the Olympic Stadium in Turin.
In 2011, Juventus Stadium (now Allianz Stadium) was inaugurated. The Stadium is a state-of-the-art arena with exceptional acoustics. It makes Juventus the only team in Italy to own their stadium, and is the only arena in the league that registers a full house in every home game.

If you decide go to see a Juve match Allianz Stadium, be ready for the experience of a lifetime with unique ambiances and world-class football.


Programa de jogos 2017-18

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